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Seven of the victims、Bangladesh Dhaka、 were dispatched from JICA.
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I agree with the policy of Youtube. Thank you so much for the beautiful clips on the web. Thank you Bellecourse for your wonderful clips delayed. We could enjoy together and meet young vivid Nana, even Nana on the stage of the British Concert 1974! In this site, we use clips only for private use, not for comercial. Sachi


"Love Changes Everything", Nana Mouskouri, artistic video for Valentine's Day

19 January 2010

the transformative powers of love to beauty: in this beautiful song by Nana Mouskouri and her gorgeous voice... and I tried to come close to that visually, by making my art and photography dance to it... shimmer to it... which is, of course impossible to do, 100%.
(PS: The city vistas are my photographs of the office towers here in this city - I just love the kind of towers that mirror the clouds and other buildings close-by... Of course I help that along when I edit a video. The other city, beginning and end, is my German home - harbor - city (not a photograph but a post card)

Previously, I was just starting to learn editing visuals to look better than 'just' slide shows. That 'was my aim' to start with. Well, I know the software quite a bit better now... and this is the improved version.
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