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Greece, Home to the Stars

Wednesday, 15 December 2010 08:06 .Greece has not only been a favourite film location for many Hollywood movies, it doesn't just have beautiful scenery and stunning beaches and an excellent Mediterranean diet, but has also the birth place of some famous celebrities. You'll be amazed at just how many of today's famous faces were born in Greece or have Greek blood in their families.

Known for playing spoilt princess turned city girl, Rachel Green, Jennifer Aniston rose to fame in her role as Rachel in Friends. But she wasn't originally from the big city of New York. Born in 1969 in Shermans Oaks, California, USA, she was born Jennifer Anastasakis. Her father is Greek and Jennifer spent a year of her life growing up in Greece as a child. She later went on to change her name from Anastasakis to Aniston, which is her mothers maiden name, to succeed in acting, as 'Anastasakis' was too difficult for people to say.

John Aniston, father of Jennifer, was born in Crete in Greece in 1937. He too rose to fame after landing an acting role in a New York play 'Little Mary Sunshine'. He starred in many hit Broadway productions, TV series and films too.

Born in 384 BC, Aristotle became one of the most famous Greek philosophers on the world.

Famous for their stunning jewelry collections, the Bulgaris family originates from a small Greek village called Epirus. This is where the founder, Sotirio, started to make the first editions of the silver pieces. He later went on to live in Italy, where he opened his first jewelry shop in the city of Rome.

Although only partly Greek, famous pop princess, Kelly Clarkson has recently said that she is partly Greek.

Alec Issigonis was born on November 18th 1906 in the Greek community of Izmir (which then was known as Smyrna), he is famous for inventing the Mini.

Musician Tommy Lee, famous for being the ex-husband of Pamela Anderson, was born in Athens, Greece in 1962.

George Michael, well-known to the world for being part of popular 80's band 'Wham!' and later becoming a popular solo artist, was born to an English mother and Greek father in London in 1963. George Michael was originally named Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou.

Nana Mouskouri, born in 1934 in Crete, Greece, is one of Greece's most famous singers. Nana Mouskouri, who speaks eight languages, is the ambassador of the UNICEF headquarters in Geneva.

Known for his roles in 'Titanic', 'Cleopatra' and 'The Phantom', Billy Zane, born Billy Zanetakos. Although he was born in Chicago, USA, his parents are Greek.

Mena Suvari was born in Rhode Island, USA to a Greek mother and a father with Estonian decent. She is best known for her roles in numerous Hollywood films.

There are many, many more famous people to have come from Greece or that have Greek origin. Many of the stars choose to change their original Greek name, to succeed in show business, as many claim that their original Greek names are difficult for people to spell and pronounce.

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