Peace on our beautiful earth with songs of Nana ♪♪

Peace on earth with the songs of Nana!No terrorism !!, Sachi
Kenji Goto was a humanist, We morn him a lot!
Seven of the victims、Bangladesh Dhaka、 were dispatched from JICA.
JICA's Mission Statement "We, as a bridge between the people of Japan and developing countries, will advance international cooperation through the sharing of knowledge and experience and will work to build a more peaceful and prosperous world."
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We could enjoy together and meet young vivid Nana, even Nana on the stage of the British Concert 1974!
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先日来ご紹介しております吉祥寺のオーディオ機器とNana Mouskouriのレコード・CD専門店ブログにNHKで過去に放映されたナナさんの番組についての記事がアップされました。






Olympia 97 Memories、Part 12, 70s memories
I had been welcomed as a queen when I arrived with my children, their housekeeper and my band.
Red carpet ! !
I gave a concert in Sidney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.
I remember a concert inChristchurch in New-Zeland. The concerts were broadcasted on radio and I received one day a very touching telegram from a south-pole basis : The teem wrote : 《 dear Nana, we are sorry not to be with you for your concert tonight, but we are however happy you are only three hours flying far away from us 》.
After new-Zeland, we went to Japan.
My first big concert in Asia took place in Tokyo.
During this travel, we learned with happiness that democraty was back in Greece.


We organized this day the nicest greek party to show our joy.
The travel crried on to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapour and Hong Kong.
We went after to Mexico where we gave three cocnerts in “ Bellas Artes Theater“.Everywhere, the public was touching and full of enthusiasm.From Mexico, we flew to Los Angeles where I sung in Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.
We went back to Canada where we played a week long in Vancouver and Montreal. It was sold out every evening.

私達はこの日、自分達の喜びを現わすために、ギリシャ式の最高のパーティをしました。演奏旅行はタイ、マレイシア、シンガポール、香港と続きました。その後、メキシコに行ってBellas Artes劇場で三回の公演をしました。どこでも、聴衆は大変熱狂的で、感動的でした。メキシコから、私達は空路ロサンゼルスへ飛び、ここのDorothy Chandler Pavilionで私は唄いました。それからカナダに戻り、一週間バンクーバーとモントリオールで公演しました。どこでも満員でチケットは売り切れでした。

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