Peace on our beautiful earth with songs of Nana ♪♪

Peace on earth with the songs of Nana!No terrorism !!, Sachi
Kenji Goto was a humanist, We morn him a lot!
Seven of the victims、Bangladesh Dhaka、 were dispatched from JICA.
JICA's Mission Statement "We, as a bridge between the people of Japan and developing countries, will advance international cooperation through the sharing of knowledge and experience and will work to build a more peaceful and prosperous world."
I agree with the policy of Youtube
Thank you so much for the beautiful clips on the web.
Thank you Bellecourse for your wonderful clips delayed.
We could enjoy together and meet young vivid Nana, even Nana on the stage of the British Concert 1974!
In this site, we use clips only for private use, not for comercial.


NHKラジオ深夜便 9月11日午前2時~3時

9月10日(水) アンカー:石澤典夫さんの【ラジオ深夜便】ですが、日にちが変わって11日の深夜
ロマンチックコンサートの特集がNana Mouskouri 特集のようです。深夜なのが残念ですね。

「黒いオルフェ」から オルフェの歌、追憶、
「嘆きの天使」から また恋してしまったのよ ほか


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